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Around the Web: April Fools’ Day in Japan

Date Published: Last Update:2015/05/25 Entertainment ,

Yesterday was April 1 which is celebrated as April Fools’ Day. It is the day where people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other. April Fools’ Day in Japan before, is not that well observed. Thanks to the advent of technology, every April Fools’ Day in Japan is a day to look forward for pranks and hoax news.

2015 April Fool’s Pranks

The Japanese word for April fools is 四月ばか (shigatsu baka) or “eipuriru fuuru” (using the English expression). In this post, we’ll feature some of the pranks and hoaxes that spread in Japan yesterday. [Note: Some of the links provided may be taken down after April 1.]


Ace Attorney, the popular video game about the lawyer Phoenix Wright developed by Capcom will be getting a new spin-off called Dog Ace Attorney (犬逆転裁判, inu gyakuten saiban), complete with a product intro page and video. [Dog Ace Attorney]

Square Enix

The video game company which is best known for its role-playing video game franchises, which include the Final Fantasy series, the Dragon Quest series, and the Kingdom Hearts action RPG series, announced a crossover game between Tekken and Lord of Vermillion. What’s more convincing (or rather unconvincing) is the promise of 765 playable characters. [Lord of Vermillion x Tekken]

The Ring x Ju-On

The upcoming sequel of the horror film, Ju-On, opened a fake website announcing another film in 2016 where The Ring‘s Sadako and Ju-On’s Kayako face-off in an Alien vs. Predator style film. [The Ring x Ju-On]

Toei Animation

The company announced a theme park dedicated to the mecha series Mazinger-Z. [Mazinger-Z Theme Park]

Google Japan

Google introduces a Piro-Piro, a “keyless keyboard” that translates your messages depending on how hard you blow into it. [Google Japan]


The popular fighting video game by Square Enix announced its collaboration with the classic shoot-em-up game Galaga.

Yamaguchi Prefecture

The twitter account 山口県 (@yamauchi_ken) which is supposed to be the twitter account of the Yamaguchi Prefecture announced announced its independence. Passports will be required to enter the new country. [Twitter Announcement]

AKB84 Voice actors Ryohei Kimura, Kenji Akabane, Yuuki Ono, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Marina Inoue, and Yoshino Nanjou announced they’re forming a new idol group, AKB84. All the members were born in the year 1984. The group is a play on the popular female idol group, AKB48. [Link] ConoHa VPS Virtual private server provider ConoHa is joining the games industry with a smartphone game called ConoHa Live, a spoof of Love Live!: School Idol Festival. [Link] Copic Markers Copic, marker pen maker, announced its new marker with an “Undo” (Ctrl+Z) feature.

Girl Friend BETA

Girl Friend BETA is a 2012 Japanese smartphone game with over 5 million players. The game features over one hundred girls for the players to choose for a date and each girl is voiced by a different voice actress. Its producers announced the live-action movie adaptation of the game. Just like in the game, 100 actresses would appear in the film. [Girl Friend BETA Movie]

What are other pranks you saw yesterday that are interesting? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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