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Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo – Tickets & Directions

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Last year, I had the chance to visit Ghibli Museum during my trip in Tokyo. I always thought of going there but whenever I tried to, I always end up realizing that it’s already too late to purchase an entrance ticket that fits my schedule since it has to be reserved ahead of time.

Purchasing a Ticket

Within Japan

Ghibli Museum does not accept walk-in customers, so you need to purchase your tickets in advance. Also, take a note that they have a specific schedule when you can only purchase the ticket.

Example, to reserve a ticket for a specific day in the month of February, you can purchase it starting from January 10. You can’t purchase before that. Although it says from 1st day of that month, it doesn’t guarantee you that you can get one either. Slots run out very fast. When I reserved mine on the first day around lunch time through convenience store here in Japan, I was already lucky to be able to get the ticket for 15th with only few slots remaining on the last time schedule of that day. So, make sure to reserve as early as possible when they start allowing reservation for that month.


I haven’t tried purchasing a ticket outside Japan, so I cannot share any experience regarding with that. But, the official website of Ghibli Museum indicates the how-to and schedules in English in the page here.

How to Get There

My ticket is for 4:00 PM admission. Coming from Nihonbashi Station, it takes around 40 minutes to Mitaka Station. Mikata Station is the nearest train station around the museum. At that time, I took the Tozai Line after seeing Mitaka Station on its list of stops. One thing that surprised me is, the train stopped at Nakano Station for a few minutes. Then, there was an announcement that I failed to listen carefully and was only able to picked up the word “JR”. I was wondering why JR since Tozai Line belongs to Tokyo Metro. After awhile, I realized that the line changed from Tozai Line to Chuo Line with the same train. Chuo Line belongs to JR (Japan Railways). I was using “Tokyo Metro 1-Day Open Ticket” at that time, so I have to pay extra when I arrived in Mikata Station.

From Mikata Station, you can walk or take a bus to the museum. By foot, it takes about 20 minutes. To get there by bus, you can find the bus stop just outside the station (south exit, bus top #9).

Ghibli Museum - bus top (Mikata Station at the back)Mikata bus stop #9. Mikata Station is on the right side. (Photo by chinnian)

Ghibli Museum - City BusGhibli Museum yellow bus at Mitaka Station (Photo by artethgray)

There is a ticket machine at the bus stop area. You have to purchase the bus ticket before riding into the bus. If you are planning to come back by bus also, getting the round-trip ticket will save you some yens. Inside the bus, you can spot some Studio Ghibli characters painted on the walls and ceilings.

In the instruction indicated on the (museum) ticket, you are required to enter the museum up to 30 minutes from the designated schedule. It was already almost 5:00 PM when I arrived at the museum. Some customers, a mother together with her kids, were running towards the entrance to catch up their schedule. Seeing them, I also got panic but I saw the museum staff from afar still accepting customers so I was relieved.

Directions from Nihonbashi Station to Ghibli Museum
(Click “More options” link on the map to display in another window):

At the Reception

After a staff checked my ticket, she directed me towards the reception area. When I entered the building, first thing that caught my eyes is the giant stuffed toy Tottoro stationed in the reception. I wish I could take a photo with Tottoro, but taking photos and videos inside the vicinity are not allowed. I gave my ticket to another staff at the reception and in return, she gave me another small ticket with a piece of a filmstrip. It’s a ticket to a short film that is exclusively shown inside the museum.

Ghibli Museum - ticket to exclusive short filmA piece of a filmstrip – ticket to exclusive short Studio Ghibli film
(Photo by chinnian)

On the left side of the reception, there is a stairway leading down to the basement floor, to the main door of the building ― the entrance to the Ghibli world.

In my next post, more about what’s inside the museum.

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A gaijin in Okayama who enjoys viewing cherry blossom in spring, fireworks in summer, eating grilled sanma (Pacific saury fish) in autumn and oden in winter.

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