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Go west : Juventus Lounge in Hakata, Fukuoka

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At first, I’ve got to say that this post has got nothing to do with Hakata.
If you are not interested in the Italian football (soccer) team “Juventus”, this is not for you.

Italian Serie A is my favourite football league.
I even went to see football matches a few times during my travel in Italy, although there is no particular team I support.

2009 Juventus

- My first (and perhaps last) CL experience -
On September 15, 2009, Juventus vs Bordeaux.
1 - 1 draw.
The referee was the notorious Tom Ovrebo from Norway.

Juventus Lounge

Juventus lounge poster

- Juventus lounge poster -

The main purpose of this Hakata trip.
It was open only for a month (from January 31 to February 28 in 2015).

When I saw a promotion film of Juventus players saying like “Come to the lounge!” several times on satellite TV (you can see promos on the “Juventus lounge in Kyushu” Facebook page as of March 2015), I was inclined to visit there.

Strangely, the lounge was located inside of the ticket gate of the Hakata JR station.
This means I shouldn’t have gone out of the gate when I got Hakata by shinkansen.
I assumed there would be a direction board or something to the lounge in the station, but I couldn’t find any.
I went through the gate, although I knew I shouldn’t.

I strayed around for a while, and the lounge was in the end of the station building.
It was near the central entrance of the building, but a little far from shinkansen platforms.

Juventus lounge 3

- Eureka! -
The lounge from the outside.

In Japan, you need to buy an entrance ticket to go in the gate.
Ticket rate varies depending on the area.
It is 140 yen at Hakata, but in Hokkaido, it’s 170 yen at the present time.

So, I paid 140 yen and what I saw was a rather disappointing view.
I expected a lounge surrounded by Juventus exhibits, and items to be sold.
Well, it was a rather small space with a little cafe with several tables.
There were around 10 exhibits, several posters, a few boards, and a screen showing a digest game of Juventus in the UEFA Champions League final against Ajax.
No stalls selling goods.
I wondered “Did Trezeguet really come here for the opening ceremony for THIS??”

Juventus lounge 2

- Inside the cafe -

The photos in this post are almost everything I saw at the lounge.
I took most of the photos with my cheap digital camera in a wrong mode, so some of them look as if they were taken through a blue / yellow screen.

The lounge

Juventus lounge 4

- From the inside-

Juventus lounge 5

- From the outside -

Exhibits in glass cases


Big Ear

- Big Ears -

Italian championship trophy

- Italian championship trophy -

Toyota cup trophy

- Toyota cup trophy -

- Intercontinental cup trophy -

- Intercontinental cup trophy -

[Other items]

Juventus lounge 8

- Exhibits -
Left: Del Piero's shoes
Top right: Buffon's captain's armband
Bottom left: Baggio's captain's armband

Baggio's captain's armband

- Baggio's captain's armband with Kanji characters -
The two characters are "Hisshou" (meaning "victory at any cost).

Davids' glasses

- Davids' glasses -

Platini's shoes

- Platini's shoes -
Platini's jersey was also displayed, but it seems that I forgot to take a photo of it.

Del Piero's jersey

- Del Piero's jersey -
Worn during the Intercontinental Cup Final.

Intercontinental Cup Pennant

Pass & medallion of Intercontinental cup

- Pass and medallion of Intercontinental cup -

Juventus lounge 7

Trezeguet's jersey


Buffon poster

- Buffon poster -
My most favourite GK in the world.

Nedved poster

- Nedved poster -

Pirlo poster

- Pirlo poster -

Del Piero poster

- Del Piero poster -

Chiellini poster

- Chiellini poster -

Juventus poster 2

- Juventus poster -

Juventus poster

- Juventus poster -


Juventus lounge 1

- Board in the lounge -
Board to "take a photo with Juventus players!", I guess.

Juventus lounge 9

- Headless board -
Put your head from the back of the board to be a Juventus player and take a photo!

There was also a small goal and a ball here on the left.
According to the official facebook page, they offered a Juventus pin badge to people who could kick the ball into the net.
I didn’t see any notice or something about this when I went there.
Probably no badges were left because it was February 27, just one day before the final of the lounge.


Juventus lounge 6

- In the "Nescafe" Cafe area -


Other stuffs

A Juventus plastic folder and a drink ticket were offered to anybody who gave the personal information like name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

Juventus plastic folder

- Juventus plastic folder -

Juventus lounge "Drink ticket"

- Drink ticket -

You could have a drink in exchange for this ticket.
I wanted to keep the ticket, so I didn’t use it.


Bun Bun Go in Hakata

- "Bun Bun Go" -
Nothing to do with Juventus.
Probably always there.


Not many things to see, but I lingered around for an hour or so.


Next post: Kushida shrine and others


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A Japanese living in Okayama. A proud "Otaku"! Loves animals, snacks, manga, games (PC, iPad, Nintendo DS, PSP), foreign TV dramas, traveling and football (soccer).

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  1. prpariyesh says:

    Where is this lounge actually located or it has already been closed ?

    I am visiting Japan this August

    • kara says:

      > prpariyesh
      Thank you for your comment!
      The lounge was in the Hakata JR station in Kyushu island.
      It was open only last February, so it’s already closed.

      There is a match of Juventus Legends in this May in Saga prefecture.
      I googled if there’s any Juventus event in August, but I couldn’t find any.

      Hope you enjoy your trip, although August in Japan is deadly hot!

  2. prpariyesh says:

    So unfortunately cannot visit the lounge

    AnywayThank you so much for your reply

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