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Himeji’s Taiyo Park

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This was my second time in Himeji. The first was 4 years earlier in spring to see Himeji Castle. This time around, we went to Taiyo Park. Not many know about this place since its in a remote area with no bus/train stops nearby. We went there by car so no biggie.

The Park



Historic Sites Reproduction Area

After we got our tickets, we went to the historic sites reproduction area first. That area was separate from the main entrance and castle area. You have to get out then cross a street and walk about 5 minutes to get to it.


Moai (Easter Island)

It was a hodgepodge of ancient and not so ancient reproductions of major historic sites around the world. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes because there will be a lot of walking — a lot.


Arc de Triomphe (France)

I don’t know how it was arranged really. When we entered we got to see reproductions from ancient Central and South American civilisations such as the Incas and Mayas then there was New York’s iconic structure, Lady Liberty. There was also Little Mermaid. Up along the path, it was back to South American civilisations once again. So I don’t really know if it was by era or by continent on how the reproductions were arranged.


Statue of Liberty (USA)

After we saw China’s Terracotta Army and walked along a part of its Great Wall, we saw a reproduction of a dam. Forgot what it was though. Then we saw some Pacific Island’s houses and reproductions of coins about a 100 times their original sizes.

entrance to the Great Wall of China

entrance to the Great Wall of China

We didn’t get to see everything because we were kinda short on time and we still have to explore Swan Castle. However, we made sure we got to see the famous ones such as the pyramids of Egypt, Thailand’s leaning buddha, and China’s Forbidden City.


When you plan to visit here, time yourself wisely so that you can visit all the sites. Do bring snacks and water because as I’ve said earlier there will be a lot of walking. We failed in this area coz we though it will just be some leisurely walk  .

With aching feet and hungry stomachs we trudged back to the entrance. Good thing there was a bakeshop where we munched on some bread and guzzled water to soothe our dry throats.


Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)

Neuschwanstein Castle

After our much needed break, we went back to the entrance and waited for the monorail to take us to Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle (New Swan Castle) which houses the trick art museum. 

ninja trick art

I actually was on the floor with both arms and legs raised then just rotated the photo to make it look like I was being hoisted upwards and speared by a ninja. clever huh? but naah! look at my hair, it defies gravity. hahah. FAIL!. now if only i knew how to make it look like it was falling down too… hmmm…

We started from the lower floor up (later we realised it would be better to start from the higher floors then make your way down)and only chose those 3D arts appealing to us . Each of the 3D art have a place marker where the photographer should stand and they also provide directions on how to position yourselves to get a realistic shot. They also provide sample poses for you to follow but you could always improvise and do some fancy poses of your own. One must be mindful though of the time you spend picture taking because a lot of people are waiting for their turn.


Halfway through, our camera batteries died on us. We didn’t bring any extra batteries nor a portable power supply. We made use of our phone cameras but they too failed us. boohoo! So be sure to bring extra battery packs because there will be quite a lot of picture taking.tp10

While there, I got to help Santa out of the chimney, ride a magic carpet, chased by a hungry T-Rex, attacked by ninjas, and a lot more.

It was late afternoon when we left the place and headed for the main city area. We decided to drop by Himeji castle but unfortunately it was under renovation that time. I found it funny though that they covered the castle in tarp with a picture of the castle on it.

We ended our day by eating a hot bowl of ramen in the shotengai area. We were very much hungry that time because we only had bread for lunch thus we slurped our way to the noodles and broth in no time.

Visit Taiyo Park’s website for more information. For those Japanese-language-challenged like myself, visit this simplified English version by the Himeji Tourist Information instead.

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