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Odaiba Trip: I Saw the Giant Robot

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Have you already heard about giant robots in Japan? One of these life-size robots is located in a man-made island in Tokyo, the island of Odaiba. The robot, which is more popularly known as “Gundam”, seems to be a guardian of the island from enemy attacks.

Gundam, the Anime

Gundam is a long-running anime series in Japan which starred robots. The people fight by controlling their gundam to attack their adversaries. At least this is the basic plot of the story. The very first Gundam series premiered on April 7, 1979 at the Nagoya Broadcasting Network and its affiliated ANN stations and lasted for about 43 episodes, as cited in Wikipedia. After that, a series of sequels and spin-offs was produced one after the other. This show also became famous in other countries and was dubbed and shown in their local TV. Even during this time, Japanese anime shows like Gundam are still widely embraced by many..

Before we left for Tokyo, we conducted research about its famous places for sightseeing and adventure and we saw this Gundam featured in Odaiba. Since we were keen to see that giant Gundam for the first time, we decided to visit the place on the first day of our trip.

My previous post ended at the part where I crossed the futuristic rainbow bridge and got off from the train in Odaiba Kaihinkouen station. From there, we took a long walk to Tokyo Diver City Plaza. On our way to the plaza, a bright and colorful illumination coming from a daikanransha (huge ferris wheel) greeted us. Not only the bridge is rainbow-themed in Odaiba, but also this giant ride. I tried riding one in Osaka, the Tempozan Daikanransha but this one’s bigger with “a diameter of 100 meters (328ft) and a height of 115 meters (377ft) making it the largest ferris wheel in Japan”, according to SunnyPages.


(Photo credit from Stéfan)

We paused our walking for a while to take some photos and then continued with our Gundam adventure. After about 10-15 minutes, we arrived in Tokyo Diver City Plaza.

Tokyo Diver City Plaza

The plaza has restaurants, shopping stores and entertainment places inside but we were not able to roam around the whole place because we didn’t have much time. We only got inside to look for a konbini (convenience store) to buy something to eat. I took a tuna-filled onigiri (japanese rice balls). An onigiri is usually triangular in shape, with a filling and is wrapped in a seaweed called nori. I love onigiri and I always look for it in a konbini when I’m starving and can’t think of anything else to eat while I’m outdoors.

Gundam, the Statue

So after we munched on our dinner, we moved to the other side of the plaza which is the Gundam front where the guardian stood.

Giant Robot

(Photo credits from Oimax)

This 18-meter tall gundam stood just in front of the west gate in the plaza. It is constructed with the same scale as the Gundam shown in the anime. If you are lucky just like us, you will be seeing the Gundam doing a show. We saw the Gundam in motion with special effects like  lightings and smoke.

This gundam served as my hero for the night. Despite being tired from the trip and the chilly weather outside, it was a nice feeling seeing it for real. Things that I thought I could only see in movies or in my dreams became real. One would surely enjoy a travel to the future in Odaiba. If you wish to go there, I think it’s better to stay until the night and see it for yourself.

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